Seasonal Highlighs: Easter Week From US$65

Semana Santa, as it’s called in Spanish, is to Guatemala like the Carnival is for Brazil or the Day of the Death is to Mexico. Is one of the Holidays that gathers more people and visitors in the Americas, as well as one of the most colorful shows of culture. This celebration reflects the colorful and vivid of the Guatemalan culture. It is a season when Guatemalans turns into giving life to one of the most important cultural events of the continent … More Seasonal Highlighs: Easter Week From US$65

Bohemian GT Rhapsody From US$222

A real Food Tour, through a full day, to taste the authentic Guatemala of today and experience the real life of this cosmopolitan and lively Capital City. Enjoy with us the roots and the highlights but discover and enjoy the little secrets that only our local experts know. Feel the magic of the City of Guatemala from old the old times and enjoy the hip contemporary scene with a tour that includes all meals with a special haute cuisine diner and a show. … More Bohemian GT Rhapsody From US$222

Urban Adventures & Tun Tours Unique Designed Featured Tours

Behind the bad fame given, there`s a garden of secrets and jewels that we will open to you. Witness the real-life Guatemala outside the guidebook and live an authentic approach to this historic, vivid, fun, modern and yet traditional capital city, the biggest and more metropolitan of Central America. Discover with our local experts the Guatemalan culture and experience the out of the ordinary paths for exploring this amazing country … More Urban Adventures & Tun Tours Unique Designed Featured Tours

No Reservations Guatemala From US$162

Get the authentic taste of Guatemala through this exquisite journey. We will take you on a roller coaster of culture and food that will give you the big picture of what is Guatemala and how we play our game here. Our local experts know the city back to forth and through the secret corners and magic backstreets, mixed with the amazing of the classic highlights, they will tell you the secret story behind Guatemala City … More No Reservations Guatemala From US$162

Urban Adventures Guatemala Guacamole From US$68

A Guatemalan Food and Market Tour. Stroll in the heart of Guatemala city and see how life goes normally in the Historic Center and one of its most famous avenues, La Sexta. We will have some stops to discover spots that only locals visit. You will have the chance to try some classic snacks of the city and explore the nice Central Market of the biggest city in Central America … More Urban Adventures Guatemala Guacamole From US$68

Urban Adventures Sunday Monuments Stroll From US$52

Walk on the famous La Reforma Avenue that is close to traffic every Sunday and open for the Guatemalans and visitors to enjoy. See the highlights of the Monumets Area in Guatemala, including El Obelisco, Plaza España, Torre del Reformador, Centro Civico and Central Plaza. Walk on Sexta Avenida and use the brand new Transmetro and see the modern part of the City. See the vivid of the city on its famous avenues full of shops, of restaurants and old buildings … More Urban Adventures Sunday Monuments Stroll From US$52